Saturday, August 15, 2009

Random post random video!

Hello chobots ive made another 2 videos im gonna put them both in this post today! The first is just a random video were i just go around talking to aload of random people! Second is called seven nation army, seven nation army is a instrument/dance video mixed into one. Here they are

Seven nation army:


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

antoher random picture

hello everyone i did another picture i asked my friends list who wanted to be in it and some said yes so i put them in here it is:

Monday, August 10, 2009

Look what i did!

Hello guys look what i did in!
I really like it, i think i might do some more but differant.
If you want one done tell mee so i can get more practise and you can use it for something?!?! i dunno lol

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Recent news!!

Hello chobots,
Im herip and im here with the recent news on chobots blog and around chobots!
To start off with the game sweet battle is now on Kongregate! Which means loads of new chobots will be aaround rope street and the sweet battle area, the accounts are made automatically and the start with guest, then guest1, and so on.

Next on to Smurfet!
Congratz to you smurf your blog now has 200 followers; which is great we are also sooo close to 200 followers we only need 5 more followers so come on guys get following and we have 32000 views/hits+.

Upcoming update:
On the main blog a picture has been posted of a new update which is coming soon it looks like a beach or a lake sort of thing maybe chobots could fish there? I dont know. Lol have a look:

Also mods have cooked up some awesome magic as you can see in the picture below and a ginormous rain happened yesterday by a agent chobot i fogot got the chobots is called he/she was 403 days old!!
Heres some of the awesome magic:

And last of all there are new cool wallpapers/screensavers on the official chobots blog it shows you how to put then as your screensaver and that on the blog!

Thats all for now.
Oh and i made a swag bucks:P
just click on this banner below and it will take you to the swag bucks site or you can just click HERE!
Search & Win

Tuesday, July 21, 2009



Sunday, July 12, 2009

w00t w00t

Hey all
I've made another dance video this 1 tell me if you like it or if you didnt and maybe say what music you want for my next video
(s).I'd love to know what sorta music you want me to make a video to and please rate, comment or subscribe me on youtube!
My username is:
or just type in herip in the youtube search bar =D
Hope you like the video!


Saturday, July 11, 2009


Hey. ppl new mod! Jessie2000 has became a mod for her 200th birthday. She cant rain or bann, here she is with her new badge!
And heres a edit i did i was doing it on my playercard so chessie123 asked if i could edit playercard too!
Heres the edits: (this is not real me/herip and chessie123 are not mods)

Thursday, July 2, 2009

My story about Chobots.

There was a evil war and chobots went to defend the users but nichos went
on their houses and captured every chobots except the ones of the jedi power.
That chobots saved the casttel of Moderators Klers and hided in a very powerful
militia of nichos and used cho-power to make them sleep.

After they built a Super-Mega-Extra air froce militia and went to nichos kingdom to help
gune. They didnt have luck because the nichos kingdom was with tanks and guns but they
went to do the cow mission 100 times to investigate how the cows defended when they are in really danger and they didnt found the answer so they went to Mistochob.

Mistochob went to the war. His brother was captured in it. His mother didnt survive. =(
Years after the nichos lost their commander and became cheaters. Then the Big Gang appeared.
The Big Gang is a period of time when there were galactic wars. Nichos were exterminated by aliens and by chobots. But they discovered the technique to survive of stealing.
The mods created a society of chobots with grate talets to protect chobots world when they were absent.

This is me and all agents. We have gained the confiance of mods.
Now we are in all Chobots world and we are aproximately 176 in total.
We check that chobots in in order and that anyone break rules.
New chobots get in the chobots world. Our work is to show them the rules
kindly and to take them on a tour around all chobots world.
The chobots invited other communities of organisms like clones
and they bought pets and designs. Now all chobots investigate new materials for protecting in attacks of nichos. The nichos gave us the purpose to be agents because if not
chobots will be like full and with stealers and in like a world of stealing and insecurity. If u want to come we can take u akong a tour and if u become a citizen go to nichos kingdom and save Gune.

2nd part

The years passed the wars finished, the nichos went back to attack us in Live Star.
The agent alerted the populity and the populity came in 3 rows. With guns and
scythes we make the resistense.That was a very violent war. I remember my dad
became the leader of the nichos but it was only his plan to send them to galaxy X567899
far far long from chobots world. Then we decided to make better our son(s) and daughter(s)
lifes and we funded the Academy on the 1st of december of 2008. Now our children play on
cow mision.

Mimo7 started a investigation with Jessie2000 about the nichos spies. Jessie2000 found the answer in which where it could be changed the programation of the robots and there would be resended with false information and investigating and sending ultimate information from the new commander nicho.

Commander nicho made aplan to infiltrate by soborning the chobots captured. The chobots that didnt accepted sould not survive. That was a real bad plan but that would be effective. All agents
found a server in which nichos would be exterminated. Agents agreed to investigate the brain of the cho-childs. Their imagination could make an invaluable investigation that could get us to win to nichos and to aliens attacks.

3rd part

We went to galaxy kju325789 to investigate the material ñopsje567891534 that was the material
needed to make the spacial ship for galactic wars. We discovered that it was only the supersonic gas for the ship. Jessie2000 printed the pieces needed and a week later the ship invaded the nichos kingdom. Moonkee died. I miss him too much. =(

His mom still tell me there amazing stories and drawing he made.
Moonkee died for chobots world.

Sunday, June 28, 2009


Hey everyone does anyone remember the valentimes party it was great but everyone had lag and was crashing? Well i found a picture and i have a quiz for you!
There are 6 chobots circled in red, they are all agents and the 2 who are circled in black are mods. In comments tell me who they are.
OOO i forgot click to enlarge

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Hello chobots! Ive made a dance video:P it took me 6 hours to make cuz it took me like 3 hours to record and import into moviemaker! Then i deleted it on accidentand all the clips with it,luckily i was using windows not mac lol otherwise i would have deleted it on my mac.But then on windows i remembered reycycle bin! So i took all the clips out the recycle bin and made a new video now taking me 2 hours. Lol :D But now its finally on YOUTUBE! So enjoy my dance video finally, here it is:


Friday, June 19, 2009

Nicho kingdom glitch!

Hey. Everyone im back! :| Ive been away for 5 days and just got back. And i have already found a nicho kingdom glitch! First you need to be citizen though.2. you have to have a light bulb which can be bought at the shop. Ok then get the magic you need and go to nicho kingdom,go through all of nicho kingdom until the rope. Once you have crossed the bridge go to gune. click on him:
After that pull the rope. (You need up to 2 people to pull the rope)(and dont say in comments you need 3 because i have pulled the rope with 2:)
Then when the lava has gone down,click on gune and he will give you nicho helmet!{Check your mail}
Now click put on and you will have the nicho helmet on instead of the lightbulb. Your only ment to have the lightbulb on in the nicho kingdom.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Auditions for Rock-Bands!!!

Today I was thinking about
to do a band and rock cho-world.

Send a track that you created and If you
can play and instrument like me,
you have more possibilities.
OHH!!! I almost forget
you will have a special totem or like a cloth
that you design and maybe you will have it and
it will say the name of the band.

The name will be ellected in a poll.

leave a comment with the name you like most:

*Boommly Klisters
* Girevters of Spaceroad
*Pliners in Yelow Rose
*Myhels of Xilyker city
*Miller Gulfix
I hope you like it.
If you give me better names I will submit them.

With this notice Mimo7 here.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Hikiki Agents meeting and party!!!

Today I went to agents meeting and it was so interesting.
Questions, questions, questions.
But it was biggest the party after the meeting.
look this pics of the party:

Vecna appeared there.